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    Admin’s feelings about Tim/Kon in the reboot

    Ok so admin Papaya is about to have a moment of sadness about Tim/Kon so if you don’t really care to read my feelings about this pairing you should skip over this.

    Tim and Kon are my ultimate OTP and I die of amazement when I see how many people adore them. But sometimes I get incredibly sad when I see fanart for the two or pieces like this made by people who work in the comics industry.

    Do you know why this makes me sad sometimes guys? It makes me sad because I know we’ll never see this in canon. And that really hurts. Why does’t DC want to give the LGTBQIA community more representation? How amazing would it be if Tim and/or Kon was/were gay? Could you imagine?! Just think about it Tim and Kon are part of two of the most important hero families in the Dc universe. Tim was a Robin. We would have a gay Robin. A member of the Super family would be gay. It would be astounding if these two characters, who are ridiculously popular, were gay. I should probably mention how I read them. I read Tim as gender queer and gay. I read Kon as gender queer and pansexual. Maybe DC doesn’t want to make more prominent characters LGBTQIA because they’re scared of the backlash, but you know what that’s too bad, I’m really tired of cis straight men being front and center all the time. And while they’re at more POC characters please. I’d like to see a character from Malaysia or Indonesian or the Philippines please. I’m getting a little off track so onto the next issue I have.

    I might be the only one who got irritated Lobdell said something along the lines of “For example you wont be seeing Red Robin and Superboy making out in the corner” WELL EXCUSE ME SCOTT LOBDELL.  My bad if I was hoping for less straightness in Teen Titans, guess not. Not that I’m knocking Kon/Cassie, I love them together but frankly I don’t want them to become central to each others stories again. (like when after Kon died Cassie was so obsessed with getting him back she joined a cult yeah no repeats of stuff like that please) Thanks for shitting on everything I love Scott Lobdell thanks. Although I’m so glad that Nicieza isn’t going to be writing Tim any more. He was so focused on making Tim “the ladies man” ugh the only reason I picked Red Robin up after awhile was because Marcus To is a god.

    Maybe I’m over reacting but I can’t help it. I love them too much.

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      i read them in a similar manner. i’ve been backing timmy as something left of purely heterosexual for almost 20 years....
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      I can totally see Tim being gay… Not so much Conner, it’d be rteally cool if they retconned Tim as being gay though. It...
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      I can see why they wouldn’t or “couldn’t” do this with Tim and Kon, no matter how much we wanted to. But it still...
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